Vision and Mission

Network of CALABARZON Educational Institutions


The network has set upon itself the vision collaboration instead of competition among member schools.




    1. Unify and strengthen each member, share resources, be a voice in the CALABARZON and be an instrument for the advocacy of relevant issues;
    2. Ensure a continuing environment of academic excellence among member schools through training programs, public fora, dialogues, seminar-workshops, lecture and conferences;
    3. Serve as a catalyst to bring to national attention the needs of the CALABARZON area by promoting awareness of the key issues and involving all sectors of the society in environmental, governance, socio-cultural, health and educational issues;
    4. Address the need for communication networking through the data banking of information and by making this information accessible to schools in Region IV;
    5. Establish mutual collaboration for research consultancy services, hold colloquia for research dissemination and similar consortia of educational activities; and
    6. Source funding from all section of society, both foreign and local, and use the same for developing worthwhile academically-oriented, sociology-cultural and civic projects as well as to investing the same both locally and abroad for the purpose of the network.